The well-known foreign affiliate conversation

Doug: everybody is good, today peas invited to is the affiliate of the webmaster, leletglll, I believe veteran to him are more understanding, 80, from 95 years begin to contact the affiliate, has been done now, 5 years ago to settle in Canada. Today leletglll is mainly to share with us the experience and experience of foreign affiliate.
Peas: leletglll Hello, welcome to the webmaster nets, first of all, and new and old friends to say hello to introduce yourself.
Leletglll:A5 Hello, I am leletglll, also was still waters run deep. I said before is graph king affiliate XX, too flattering me. Estimated that the last century began to surf the Internet friends know my website ninth city answer database, really famous site is to do later in the Chinese standing long forum
In fact, I think sometimes, the fate of people. If I don’t have the Internet today, I estimate I also with many people, myself from running for a living, I   early, last century began to use the Internet, first is to contact the computer to see an advertisement to make money, when many people feel is a fake, but I, for one, after some analysis, and to search for some information, that is true, a lot of time trying is the first step to seize the opportunity. Later in order to pull off the assembly line, to do a website, called the city of ninth answers to the library, and then directly to all of the foreign advertising to do.
This site has been I parked to do a little means, has brought a profit of tens of thousands of dollars, and I do not need to do anything. Most of the time, affiliate is a small detail, decided to your income, my principle is the use of game typo traffic and promote the game of a network, is also a DZ web game, but the game have an income million yuan, the things I want to do nothing but set a URL can transfer.
Doug: do the line in the Internet time is very important, do now than in previous years has been much more difficult, almost every project has saturated the, so that new project, determine the feasible, adhere to the do down. Maybe you’re under a man of the hour.
Peas: leletglll, Wuhan and currently resides in abroad, mainly researches the foreign affiliate, as domestic foreign affiliate famous one, for what choice do abroad?
Leletglll: my idea is very simple, spend the same time, you are willing to earn 1 dollars, or willing to earn a dollar, and at present a lot of East West, are from the United states. Including ADSENSE GOOGLE, by the end of 2003, we started to do ADSENSE, and when 05 years of domestic hot, we are going to do the domain name park. At present, what the best advertising, of course, or ADSENSE, foreign money, relatively speaking, easy to earn some. According to my knowledge, most of people are dead in English.
Peas: success is not accidental, you are in a certain area than others occupy the advantage or more efforts, there will always be a harvest.
Peas: and we talk about the current situation?
Leletglll: at present China and Canada on both sides of the fly, usually is the main business e-commerce company here in Canada and help some Canadian Chinese Web site planning to do, and do some promotion service, in that some cooperation with friends in China.
Actually make it, early in 2005 before almost earn finished, affiliate, foreign, do net worth of millions is actually very easy thing, a lot of people estimated feel very surprised. Here might convert, 10 million yuan, nothing more than a hundred million dollars before I remember exchange rate did not change when is 8.2641, a month earns more than $10000, 5 years is sufficient for the number.
Canada this place, in fact, is not suitable for making money, suitable for retirement, the annual income of over 51% of the tax rate, most of the time, the poor and the rich is not a lot of difference. As for the plans for the future, is nothing more than doing things you are interested in, the bully life. Personally, I think I belong to the diligent person, I of life today is still relatively satisfied, small rich by thrifty, rich life.

Sometimes, I observe and analyze Ma Huateng, Chen Tianqiao, and Zhu Jun, the 70 time that the group, belonging to the opportunity at the most suitable for the age of the present, of course, also including Cai Wensheng. Why do you say that? Because before the age of 30, after 30 years of age with, to how much money to rich view is completely different, but as 80 on the Internet has the best chance of the golden age, do enough to live comfortably feel is acceptable, if today go back to that time, many views will not the same. Since time can not turn the clock back, now life is also good, a lot of the time, you should thank God, is still relatively favor, as to self value for, rather more pragmatic to the pursuit of life quality, have a good every day.
Peas: it seems leletglll is very calm, very good mentality. Sometimes he is very tired, too, would want to, we have been hard with the bullet and move forward, even if meet the road full of thorns, we do what is to realize self value or for a better life, until you have your own little success may miss the along the way scenery, we have to learn this calm state of mind to leletglll.
Peas: in your opinion, do affiliate have to have what knowledge, for the novice you recommend them to learn what to affiliate as soon as possible to join the line?
Leletglll: personally, I think the most important is the way of thinking. Including:
1, dare to try, a lot of things, others have the results will not tell you, tell you are all things that we all know.
2, learn by analogy, many people know 1+2=3, but do not know the 2+1=?.
3, then three points, to have their own analytical skills.
4, if you can’t do anything, find a thing that you think is the best for you, to imitate to the extreme, although not successful in China, at least there can be no worries about food and clothing.
Do affiliate must have what knowledge, speaking from my own experience, I think it, only need you to become a businessman is enough, I in Wuhan University is the national top 10 Department of computer science, Graduate School, I still program is I would place, can in order to illustrate the technology actually is not important.
As for SEO, site the looks of affiliate help some technical knowledge of relatively large, all you have to do, and you don’t get to learn, but you to find a good product, good profit model, other find skilled but technology has nothing to the people to complete is enough.
Peas: do SEO and affiliate have any contact, a lot of new people for their easy to confuse, and even some people will be equivalent, in this and we talk about their differences and links?
Leletglll:SEO is only a small branch of affiliate, if the affiliate compared to a university, SEO estimates can only be regarded as one of the subjects. Because affiliate is not limited to SEM, CPS, PPV, STUFFING COOKIE, induction, the use of network social (such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER), such as the sale of soft.
As SEO just say the husband, is simply to let you stand to let the search engine know, there is no flow of traffic on behalf of you have a profit, but the profit of the project, be sure to have traffic to support. As for the SEO, not to learn how to SEO, more important is that you have to understand what will bring you after SEO.
Peas: Affiliate model roughly divided into three: website traffic conversion mode (GA, eBay), sales commission mode (Dangdang, alliance, etc.), selling products online sales (e-commerce platform) mode, you my best what kind of, there is in these three, in a manner respectively which focus?
Leletglll: peas appear to have an understanding of affiliate, the problem is very professional. These three models, I have done, but also more understanding. My principle is very simple, which, spent the least time to gain the most, I will in this period of time to do which, because people can not put money in the world of things all done, do the most suitable for your own, can be a good job.
Here I will talk about my thoughts:

Peas: do webmaster forum ( of the original intention?
Leletglll: first began to be fun, mainly to discuss some of the foreign advertising, and later did not expect to do famous. (Hei Hei)
Abroad have a website all is to discuss the advertising alliance, was originally intended to make China’s, but unfortunately the environment is not the same, now only in the first to adhere to some of the ideas.
Peas: webmaster forum on the current operating situation?
Leletglll:IP around 3000, PV about 2 million, the membership of 30000 more, the annual loss of hosting costs, probably around 3000. This forum belongs to a first started the foundation, is the annual deficit will keep, many things that do not use money to measure.
Peas: the country is also a lot of webmaster do ADSENSE GOOGLE, but are not very ideal, in this regard you will give them what advice?
The essence of leletglll:ADSENSE is the temptation to click. I do not do this now, the first ADSENSE is definitely not as good as 04-06 years to do so, and then as long as I put ADSENSE will be someone else point explosion, so it will not do this.
Peas: Electronic Commerce become the future direction of development of the Internet, domestic in recent years, is very hot, affiliate in the face of such a large environment, it should be how to seize the opportunity to do the wedding dress for her?
Leletglll: today’s China is actually a few years ago abroad. I remember when I was in the country to open the union, I need to write their own procedures, but now it is all sold. E-commerce is also the case, more and more people in the online shopping, to solve all aspects of life. If one day, China as a result of real focus on copyright, then it will be the beginning of China’s real Internet era. Like when the water can make money, what you do not make money?
Of course, from now on, affiliate I personally feel that the Internet is nothing more than commercial behavior, you need to do is to improve their level, creativity is the most fundamental thing to success.
Then is to reveal a secret, the Chinese people are not necessarily what is the first, but copying and imitation is the world’s first. In China this environment, to learn more about some of the current foreign advanced projects, transplanted to the domestic, while combining the domestic environment for creative modification, generally speaking, the probability of success is very large. Sina Weibo is a typical, sina is actually not doing microblogging, but copied the idea of TWITTER, made a Chinese version of FACEBOOK.
Peas: the project is currently being done to reveal what, how to operate?
Leletglll: now ready to partner with several people to open a foreign alliance company, related to the specific situation is still brewing, I only as an experience, take a portion of the shares, after all, my time is not fixed, and there is no need to when a full-time to do business. As for foreign alliances, here can also be revealed that the cost of about $2000 per month, as long as it can be quite over the previous three months, the back will make money. Of course, it is not to say that 6000 dollars into the United States, there must be a profit opportunity to convert the time into the cost of. There are a lot of Chinese people in foreign countries opened some advertising alliance, generally on a $million net profit, of course have closed down, this is actually required is not high, understand English, understanding of the advertising company background, and familiar with the unspoken rules of the industry, also in foreign countries have partners. Because I occupy a place, as well as some connections, do some easy things.
Peas: microblogging in China is currently the fire, basic network each people have their own micro blog, people use it to share every bit, some to the network marketing, like. They launched the V5. Such a new way to promote, us according to his characteristic for our own products and services?
Leletglll: Micro blog this thing, I personally think, is to rely on your personal charm to attract your audience. The advantage is that whatever you do in the future, your fans will always be your potential customers.
Microblogging well written I have such a few personal concerns, including not limited to Li Kaifu, Cai Wensheng, Zheng Yuanjie. The two men in front of most of the original attraction, Zheng Yuanjie is given every day the most essential news and independent review.
I used to write about such a micro blog: three streams of handwritten narrative, second rate was handwritten exposition, first-class write handwritten comment.
When you always insist on your micro blog is original, and always have their own independent views, every time as far as possible to write full 140 words, your fans will go up.
In addition, I personally feel that the quality of sina Weibo users than Tencent, I only promote my Sina Weibo, of course, my fans are not too much, just five digit bar.
Peas: from the touch of the Internet has been doing affiliate, adhere to the present, the deepest feeling is?
Leletglll: the most deep feeling is that the Internet all the time there is an opportunity to feel like a football match, you seize an opportunity to attack a ball, maybe you a year is enough. Of course, affiliate this industry, at present, the threshold is higher than the original, but also requires some team cooperation, is no longer a person can do all the things. I have always stressed the idea that everyone does a little more than a person does a lot of.
Peas: the last interview, and the webmaster want to say something?

Leletglll: I see a lot of training, to ensure the day to earn, earn so much that, frankly, I quite admire, I always think whether it is the real school, virtual network training, whether the teacher or master, can not be guaranteed to reach what level of training students it is impossible to ensure that students can achieve what kind of level of revenue, resources and experience instability based on, at least I did not dare to guarantee a return on, I only dare to guarantee that knowledge and speech professor is my first class, I give the resources is first-rate, so I is very admire these dare to do the masters of this commitment, enough cattle.
Now all kinds of training classes are in and commitment than a strong, attractive, but training is what, I want to erase everything Hua Li, it will return to training the original intention of tuition FAQ, plans, projects, cooperation can be considered are interspersed in the practice, makes the training more targeted, so that students master the knowledge in practice and transforming the knowledge for the experience. But this should not be makes the training completely transformed to recommend project cooperation, these are short-term behavior, long-term in the affiliate industry based must be sufficiently comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and experience as the foundation, otherwise is the castles in the air.
I once read a book, which has a professor Qian Xuesen on a small story, there is a student’s question, you just talk about the solutions are foolproof, Professor Qian contemptuous smile: only fools need foolproof way. I think the world is no fool, only that way to fool you are, everyone in the face of change, to solve the problem also in changes to learn a solution, it is necessary to learn to improvise and at least encountered similar problems, you can to solve, not as far as know 1 + 2 = 3 and 2 + 1 is equal to a few do not know.